Highest Paid Survey Sites

There are a lot of websites out there offering ways to earn money for taking surveys and completing offers. I’ve signed up for just about every one of them. Many are unimpressive and waste of time, but some have amazing paying sites where you can actually earn money and do it quite easily.

Here are top 4 genuine and high paid survey sites. I researched many sites from last couple of years. These are best opportunities I have come across.

Using these 4 sites I am making $900 to $1000 per month by spending 2 hours free time every day. Do not believe if anyone writing/saying below sites are fraud, I think they want promote their sites.
Once you start using and getting 1st check then you will come to know how these sites are genuine. I spend lot of time on other sites and sometimes they don’t send my money. Finally I found below sites.


CashCrate is one of the best survey sites online. They have been online for the past 3 years and paying without problem. There are many daily surveys that can make you up to 10 dollars per survey alone. I make up to $15-20 everyday. Unfortunately they only accept USA and Only English speaking countries. If you are from USA, this site is the best for you. All the top offers are mostly for u.s members alone

CashCrate site link: CashCrate

      Tips to earn more: After login to CashCrate, do the following.

  • Top Surveys“: this is the 3rd tab, where you get costly surveys $1 to $10. 1st time you have to complete profiles and then complete the surveys as listed. After completing the listed surveys, you have to refresh the “Top Surveys” page every few minutes to show the latest surveys. if you are delaying to open the survey link,  the survey may not be able after few seconds. Click this shortcut_link to open the direct “Top Surveys” tab.
  • Offers“: this is the 1st tab, where you get good amount for registering (free/paid). If the offer is paid offer, don’t forget to unsubscribe within given time. Do not use your primary e-mail address to complete offers. You will get spam. Sign up for unlimited free e-mail addresses from Gmail or Inbox.com.
  • Surveys”: is the 2nd tab, these surveys always available but you have to complete each survey only one time daily. Be sure to try to qualify for the Daily Surveys every single day.
    many people ignore these things, but I make an average of $20-$40 every month from Daily Surveys. If it says you are not qualified the first few times you try, try again! If it says there are no surveys for you today, come back later, and maybe there will be! There is money to be made from these, but a lot of members just don’t take advantage of them.
  • Referrals”: You can earn more amount by referring friends, make sure that you are referring your friends using your referral id.
  • Videos”: By watching videos you can earn money. This videos available always. But it opens only on some of the browsers like Google chrome. You can also open multiple videos.
  • You can also try “Bonus Offers”, “Bonus Surveys” and “Cash Tasks



Points2shop is another top survey site online. They accept all countries and gives equal opportunities to them. They have top paying surveys and you have the opportunity to withdraw your money through any payment method of your choice. The minimum payout is $0.5. I make up to $15-20 everyday.

Point2Shop site link: points2shop.com

       Tips to earn more:

  • Please go to the click on this link for tips



InboxDollars is one of the best paying survey sites online with a lot of offers and daily surveys. They have been online since 2002 and paying regularly for surveys, searches, coupons, offers, and high cash back for shopping. You can also play spin to win when no surveys available.

Inboxdollars site link: InboxDollars

        Tips to earn more:

  • After login to InboxDollars, goto the direct surveys dashboard (link pro provided below) where you can get extra surveys than daily surveys. But you have to refresh this link InboxDollarsDashboard every few minutes.
  • When you get email “Survey Opportunity notification”, do not delete. Save the link on favorites. Many times it says “Wee’re sorry survey is not available”, comeback again and check you get very good amount surveys on this link.  They upload the surveys every few hours, so you will get bunch of surveys at a time, using this link open multiple browsers and open the survey links and then complete one by one.
  • Spin Win: When you get free time click the survey links many times and close the opened window, you will get more spin win chances. Stop spinning once you get five 25c survey tokens. This token amount will be added to your account once you complete the survey.


SendEarnings also is one of the best paying survey sites online with a lot of offers and daily surveys. They have been paying regularly just like inboxdollars. They are the sister site of inboxdollars, you will earn the same amount of money you earn on inboxdollars.

SendEarnings site link: SendEarnings

        Tips to earn more:

  • Following same InboxDollar tips.


Important notes:

  • If any surveys asking for SSN or other sensitive information do not share. Even though its costly survey close the survey immediately
  • Do not upload any file from your computer, survey program will get access your files.

For better sites , tips and updates please visit frequently


One thought on “Highest Paid Survey Sites

  1. It will take time to attract traffic into your site. All these mini job sites are similar in functionality, only the difference is in job
    price and commission level. The more you find out about work-from-home job opportunities, the better you’ll be able to tell when an agency is basically trying to
    con you.

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